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Words and photos by Carlo Sapera

The Volkswagen Beetle. Pendong! I’m sure most of you have used this expression whenever you see a Beetle on the road. Some refer it as kotseng kuba because of its hunchback shape. Based on many people’s story, this iconic car from Wolfsburg was known as a “people’s car.” Its sales around the world were indeed a success. Today, the Beetle has hugely evolved – from a classy two-door sedan to a flashy and eye catchy locomotion. I spent my birthday weekend with the latest Beetle. So, how did it fair from its competitors?


09 October 2015



Words and photos by Leslie Sy

Launched in 2014, the current Toyota Yaris is the second generation compact hatchback that is based on the Vios sedan. Weirdly enough, there are two variants of the Yaris depending on which part of the globe you are living on. Just so happens we got the ASEAN variant over the US/Japan/Australian spec version. Is this a good or bad thing? Let us take a closer look around the car and let you decide.


07 September 2015


20150729 164421 LLS

To most people, a regular commute would entail an average of 15 to 30 kilometers a day. In Cebu, im told that to most people, a thirty minute drive is far and long enough for most Cebuanos. So when I joined the Mazda 2 media drive and I was informed that we would do 300 kilometers of highways and provincial roads down south, I silently gulped, smiled and hoped that all the new features of the vehicle as discussed by the Japanese technical design team were spot on. Of all the things that were said about the car three things lingered in my thoughts… Oneness with the car for performance and handling, soul of motion design (KODO) for posterity and snug and comfortable seats for my posterior. Due to the daunting task at hand, the third thought became really important to me, however… knowing that the new Mazda 2 is lighter and sports a more powerful engine turned my thoughts to daydream about open roads, dynamic twisting road sections or even a chance to sneak it on to a race track. I was awakened from my high velocity dream when they announced the vehicle assignments and I was delighted with the news that I will be sharing the car with Senor Bam Olivares and Ronnie “Racing Reyrey” Trinidad.


By Nana Nadal, 18 June 2015

I was thrilled when I found out that Honda was releasing a model under what I refer to as the “cute car category”. Since I started driving a Jazz 6 years ago, I’ve fallen in love with small cars, hatchbacks in particular. Driving them is stress-free! Parallel parking? Bring it on!

DSC 0241

The icon has officially landed. Berjaya Auto Philippines, Mazda’s appointed distributor in the country, has recently unwrapped the MX-5  in our market. If you salivated on the outgoing model, we’re pretty sure you’ll be breaking your piggy banks for this.

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Words and photos by Carlo Sapera

When Volkswagen returned to the country after more than a decade of absence in September 2013, it was reason enough for me to be excited. The dream of being behind the wheel of a modern Veedub is about to materialize.



Words & Photos by Leslie Sy

Cars are usually more than the sum of their parts. This time, I was handed the keys to a BYD L3 GS-i 1.5L DCT which features countless (well, not really countless, but quite a lot of) gadgets and high tech features. I have heard quite a bit of BYD in the news but I have yet to drive one for myself. Would it impress or would it disappoint? Let us find out.

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Words and photos by Carlo Sapera

Compact cars have changed drastically through the years. New features are added in every model change to attract buyers. Stuff like sunroof, leather seats, and power folding side mirrors were included in the list. Remember the Sentra Exalta more than a decade ago? It has changed the landscape of the compact sedan. You’ll notice that top-end compact cars come with nice toys. The Sentra Exalta brought it to the next level by stuffing well-appointed amenities. Yes, it effectively attracted many buyers

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